Ball for BMW TimeTrekker: On the road of discovery

The Ball for BMW TimeTrekker is one of our favourite sports watches. As its name implies, this watch is co-branded with German automotive manufacturer BMW. What happens when the Ball for BMW TimeTrekker along with the Lego minifigure Extreme Daredevil 2 Dex-treme meet the BMW 225xe Active Tourer iPerformance? Do note that the BMW 225xe Active Tourer iPerformance is a … More

Ball Watch Engineer Hydrocarbon DevGru: What is DevGru?

What is the common link between a customised German-made Heckler & Koch MP7 with suppressor, a thermobaric grenade and a Ball Watch Engineer Hydrocarbon “DevGru”? The answer: SEAL Team Six – the United States Naval Special Warfare Development Group (NSWDG), also known as “DevGru”. SEAL is the acronym for the Sea, Air and Land special forces of the US Navy. … More

Ball for BMW TimeTrekker: Blue or Black?

Between the blue and the black models, the Ball for BMW TimeTrekker with the blue dial stands out more and is easier to identify. This is especially so with its red accents: found on the 30, 45 and 60 numerals on the dial, the “200 metres” to indicate its water-resistance and most obviously, the red-tip sweep seconds hand. On the … More

The Wristwatch Handbook: An important reference

When I first thumbed through The Wristwatch Handbook and looked at the images, my initial fear was that it was going to be another cut-and-paste job. However, such a fear was totally unfounded. Once you begin reading what Ryan Schmidt has to share, the content value of what this book has to offer multiplies exponentially. For example, did you know … More

Porsche Cayenne S Platinum Edition: Luxury Comfort Class

Porsche’s Cayenne S Platinum Edition is about sporty functionality. This explains standard equipment such as eight-way leather sports seats with Alcantara seat centres from the Cayenne GTS, Power Steering Plus, front-and-rear Park-Assist, Porsche Communication System (PCM), the Connect Plus module and the BOSE Surround Sound System. No, the body of the Cayenne S Platinum Edition is not made of platinum … More

Ball Watch Engineer Master II Volcano: A Case Against Magnetism Part II

In addition to the Earth’s magnetic field, we face magnetic forces all around us daily. These magnetic forces can be from electrical appliances such as cellular phones, television sets, radios, microwave ovens, personal computers and iPads, what may be termed “electrosmog”. As the accuracy of a mechanical watch can be easily affected by magnetic fields that we are exposed to, … More