Luminox Navy SEAL Colormark Nova: Up to the Mark. Hooyah!

Timing and precision are obviously important for all watch brands. While many will speak about these, few will provide good practical examples, let alone explain how crucial timing and precision are in actual real-life situations. For us, Luminox is one of the few. Many watch enthusiasts will undoubtedly be familiar with this brand that has long been associated with the … More

Luminox SXC Steel GMT 5120 Series: Time for space

How many people have seen Earth from space? Well, the answer is between 500 and 550; a more precise number being 528, according to a 2013 brochure from Space Exploration Corporation (SXC). Pioneering cosmonauts and astronauts include Yuri Gagarin, John Glenn and Neil Armstrong had seen Earth with their very own eyes in their Soyuz, Mercury and Apollo spacecrafts decades … More