Chanel – Over the Moon

Source: TimeWerke Videos on YouTube. Four strangers enter a lift in Chanel’s “Over the Moon” short film and cleverly showcase the brand’s new Première Rock Pink Blossom timepiece featuring a bracelet with “powdery pink” leather as well as jewellery from its Extrait de Camélia collection. The jewellery showcased include the Extrait de Camélia ring that can be worn over either … More

Chanel J12-G.10: Pulling the right “G” strings

The “NATO strap” generally refers to the wristband for watches that is made of reinforced nylon or strong fabrics. It originated as a military issue watch strap that secured the watch to the wrist even in the event of a broken or dislodged spring bar. [Reference: TimeWerke Volume XI, pages 267 to 272.] Military personnel would refer to it as … More