Cartier highly popular as a jewellery and watch brand in China

Louis Vuitton, Cartier, Hermès and Chanel are among the top five brands favoured by wealthy Chinese to buy as gifts for friends and business contacts, based on Hurun Research Institute’s “Top Ten Gifts for the Chinese Luxury Consumer 2012”. Interestingly, local alcoholic beverage brand Moutai is also among the top five. In the Chinese Luxury Consumer Survey 2013 by Hurun … More

Longines: China’s best watch brand for gifting by men

What Swiss watch brand do wealthy Chinese typically opt for when sourcing a gift for men? Well, according to the Hurun Report Chinese Luxury Consumer Survey 2013 released on 15 January 2013, Longines was the only watch brand among the list. Longines was ranked 15th in the “Best Brand for Gifting by Men”. What was interesting from the survey was … More