SevenFriday M2: Worth the Weight?

With the success of the first-generation SevenFriday watches, the question posed by critics was, “What next?” This was subsequently followed by: “Can this new kid on the block sustain its momentum?” Indeed, established in Zurich, Switzerland in 2012, SevenFriday managed to capture the attention of many upon launch with its avant-garde P-series watches with very impressive-looking designs. What was surprising … More

SevenFriday M1: Different Disc Time

The M1 is one model from SevenFriday’s second generation collection officially launched by the brand in Basel, Switzerland in March 2014. Like the first generation SevenFriday watches, discs are used to display time. However, it is somewhat different with the discs this time (pun most definitely intended). Rather than use extended arms on two discs for indicating the hours and … More

SevenFriday on Friday the Seventh

SevenFriday is one watch brand to watch, literally. The general response to its timepieces has generally been positive and the emotions evoked through either the visuals or physical handling of its timepieces have become an interesting phenomenon worthy of attention, especially for marketers. In our earlier article featuring the SevenFriday P1/3, Seven dazed, not one weak, we highlighted the key … More

SevenFriday: Seven dazed, not one weak

When images of the SevenFriday wristwatches were first viewed in early 2013, what came instinctively was to have a second look for it appeared to be complicated. Established in Zurich, Switzerland in 2012, the looks of SevenFriday’s wristwatches are indeed impressive and on closer inspection, one will discover that the watch is not as complicated as first perceived. In other … More