Betteridge: a quick guide to buying vintage watches… with better knowledge

Would you describe an old-looking timepiece as being “vintage”? In the very first place, what does “vintage” mean? Having consulted our trusted Oxford English Dictionary, we discovered that contrary to what many may perceive, “vintage” does not only mean “old”. Two main definitions are listed if used as a noun: firstly, “vintage” refers to “the year or place in which … More

Tiffany Square Watch: Rediscovering the Square Root

The Tiffany Square Watch is not just a commemorative piece for the 180th anniversary of the brand’s founding (1837 to 2017), it also marks “… a return to in-house calibre manufacturing with a rare square manual-winding movement.” This in-house Tiffany movement, housed in a 27mm by 35.88mm case in 18K yellow gold, is described as one that has been “… … More