De Bethune DB25 Imperial Fountain: A dozen surprises

Following the recent return to China of two bronze heads of the Chinese zodiac, namely the rabbit and the rat, which were among the 12 looted from the Garden of Eternal Spring in yuanming yuan otherwise known as the Old Summer Palace more than 150 years ago, the whereabouts of five remain unknown. It was during the time of the … More

Good Fortune Ahead

The traditional Chinese lion dance is a must during the Lunar New Year. Not only does it bring life to the festive period as it is accompanied by rhythmic drumbeats and the clashing of cymbals, the lion dance is also symbolic as the loud music is said to drive away evil spirits and welcomes good fortune. In fact, observe and … More

De Bethune: The ninth Mayan Underworld

If you are reading this on 17 December 2012, the date of this article’s posting, then there are only a few days left before the world ends on 21 December, if the doomsday theorists are correct in their conclusions about the Mayan calendar. If you are reading this article on 22 December 2012 and nothing is amiss in the world, … More