Microplastics found in human waste for the first time?

Source: TimeWerke Videos Among the many brand ambassadors for watch brands, two gentlemen in particular stand out for us – marine conservationist Scott Cassell and former US Navy SEAL Team Six member Rob Roy. In fact, they are both our favourites. Why? They are not there just for photo opportunities or advertisements for the brand’s wristwatches; these two gentlemen also … More

The Gentleman’s Way, Chopard Style

Source: TimeWerke Videos on YouTube There isn’t a need to argue with those who insist that a wristwatch isn’t a necessity because of the smartphone. Just explain to them that apart from its practical time-telling function, a wristwatch is, in a sense, another form of personal expression. “Watches make a statement similar to that made by the wearing of a … More

Nathan Hartono performs Let Me – for Breitling

Source: TimeWerke Videos on YouTube On 28 September 2018, singer, songwriter and actor Nathan Hartono performed at the opening of Breitling’s pop-up concept at the Paragon shopping mall in Singapore. A friend of the brand, Hartono sang two songs “Let Me” (a 2018 song released by RCA Records that was recorded and made popular by English singer Zayn Malik) and … More