The impact of Smartwatches on the Swiss watch industry

What are some of the business threats facing the Swiss watch industry? According to the Deloitte Swiss Watch Industry 2015 report titled Uncertain times, the top risk factors will be: i. the strength of the Swiss franc; ii. weaker foreign demand; iii. weaker domestic demand; iv. the shortage of qualified labour; and v. smartwatches. The annual report, the fourth Deloitte … More

Breguet Type XXI 3817: Fly back in time

Aviation pioneer Louis Charles Breguet (1880 to 1955) was a French aircraft designer. Like his great-great grandfather, the famed horologist Abraham-Louis Breguet (1747 to 1823), he was an inventor and developed the gyroplane, the forerunner of the helicopter. In 1916, he developed the Breguet Type XIV plane. Around 8,000 of these planes were purchased by an estimated 15 countries between … More

Hautlence Labyrinth 01: Time to A-Maze

At a glance, the Hautlence Labyrinth looks like a complicated wristwatch. However, the catch is that it isn’t a wristwatch as it doesn’t tell the time because there is no watch movement in it. It is better defined as a “wristgame”. Why? Take a second look and you’d notice that the dial is actually a maze and there is a … More