Fortis Cosmonautis Day/Date in steel – private label 6th Division 40th Anniversary watch: Swift & Deadly

The Fortis “Swift & Deadly” 6th Division 40th Anniversary watch based on the Day/Date model from the Cosmonautis collection is what we would describe as a timepiece that was a perfect match between Singapore Army’s 6 DIV and Fortis that was literally made in the heavens. Why? The 6th Singapore Division, which comprises both active and National Service (reservist units) … More

Fortis Spacematic: Afterglow after lights out

Not only do the entry-level Fortis Spacematics feature three-hand timepieces with the day and date displays, they also offer legible luminescence in darkness. The Fortis Spacematic with the white dial in particular, has its entire dial coated with SuperLuminova but not the Arabic hour numerals and hour indexes, the hour and minute hands, and the continuous sweep seconds hand. Once … More

Spook Sighted: Fortis B-42 Pilot Professional Chronograph Phantom Edition F-4F Phantoms Phorever

In June 2013, the German Air Force (Luftwaffe) decommissioned their last squadron of F4-F Phantoms after 40 years of military service. The F-4F Phantom has been replaced with the Eurofighter Typhoon. There are a few variants of the F-4 Phantom II fighter-bomber and the F-4F Phantom used by the German Air Force was a simplified version which was eventually upgraded. … More

Fortis B-42 Black Mars 500: Superluminova orange or red?

The B-42 Black Mars 500 from Fortis, introduced in 2010, features what the brand describes as “SuperLuminova orange” on the Arabic numerals and rectangular hour indices. (Do note however, that in darkness, the afterglow is the typical green.) Even the accompanying leather strap with orange stitching complements the watch. The Fortis B-42 Black Mars 500 marked the brand’s participation in … More

Fortis Colors

If time is running out, not because of the end of the world, but due to the fact that you haven’t bought a present for someone on your gift list, then one idea we would highly recommend is the Fortis Colors watch set. The Fortis Colors watch concept takes its inspiration from the brand’s past when the Flipper, which was … More