Fortis Colors

With the Fortis Colors Watch quartz movement module, you can have a choice of up to 10 different strap colours. Photo: TANG Portfolio

If time is running out, not because of the end of the world, but due to the fact that you haven’t bought a present for someone on your gift list, then one idea we would highly recommend is the Fortis Colors watch set.

The Fortis Colors watch concept takes its inspiration from the brand’s past when the Flipper, which was first launched sometime between 1967 and 1968, became its bestseller. Back then, with one automatic watch movement module, owners could “play” with interchangeable plastic straps in different colours. Subsequent models came with quartz movements.

Fortis owner and Managing Director Peter Peter revived the Flipper in the 1980s and Ron Wood was among its fans; he wore his Flipper during the 1982 Rolling Stones tour. American composer and conductor Leonard Bernstein (1918 to 1990), better known for his music in “West Side Story” was known to change the straps and the colour choice would depend on his mood.

What we like about the Fortis Colors Watch of 2012 in particular, is firstly, the rotatable bezel; secondly, the stainless steel butterfly folding clasp on the silicone strap and a choice of 10 colours to choose from. The watch features a quartz movement with a date display and the detachable module is water-resistant to 100 metres. This is, after all, a fun watch and one should be able to enjoy it even when in the pool.

Each coloured silicone strap for the Fortis Colors Watch features a rotating bezel (unidirectional) and a stainless steel butterfly folding clasp. Photo: TANG Portfolio

The Fortis Colors watch packages are offered in either a set of three interchangeable straps or ten and every set is supplied with one quartz watch movement module. Note: only quartz movement modules are available.

From what we understand, the set of three comes with black, white and transparent coloured straps and is priced at around US$300-plus. The set of 10 is definitely a better value deal at around US$700.

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