Urwerk EMC (Electro Mechanical Control): Getting cranky?

Heard of Urwerk’s latest revolutionary timepiece known as the EMC, the abbreviation for Electro Mechanical Control? Well, now you have. More importantly, why is the Urwerk EMC deemed disruptive to conventional wisdom in watchmaking? According to the brand, the objective is to offer Urwerk’s owners (through the EMC) the tools that not only assesses but maintains the precision of their … More

Sarpaneva Korona K0: A knockout?

With all the smooth curves in the right places, “see-through clothing” complemented with leather and flirting with the glint of “blue eyes”, this was a sight not to be missed. We most definitely had to have a try. A knockout beauty? Well, it was actually Finnish watchmaker Stepan Sarpaneva’s Korona K0 Two Tone. As can be seen, it is a … More

Les Indomptables de Cartier Frog watch: Not a watch?

The Heures Fabuleuses de Cartier jewellery watch collection comprises 41 pieces described by the brand as “a spirited bestiary” with “secrets and tricks”. One fine example being the Indomptables de Cartier Frog watch (the indomitable frog watch) we had mentioned earlier in the article “Tiancheng International and the seeds of love”. Now what are its secret and tricks? Well, Les … More

Boucheron Epure Tourbillon Vitis: On the grapevine?

What is the perfect wristwatch for oenophiles? We discovered the answer when we walked into a Boucheron boutique recently and found the ideal reward or gift for those having a love of wine or oenophilia. The answer was sitting quietly in a secure display cabinet and the reaction was immediate. We were under the influence of a strange excitement. It … More

Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Goes Platinum

In America’s music recording industry, an album that has sold one million copies will be given the Platinum award in recognition of its popularity. This is based on criteria set by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) whose members create, manufacture and / or distribute around 85% of all recorded music produced and sold in the United States legitimately. … More