Solar Eclipse sighting at 30,000 feet

Above: Video footage of the Lufthansa Airbus A340 flight piloted by Captain Marko-Cyrus Müller and the solar eclipse witnessed onboard and while flying at 30,000 feet near Greenwood, South Carolina. Video: © Lufthansa. This video is on YouTube and is found on TimeWerke Videos. While there was a total solar eclipse over North America on 21 August 2017, not all … More

The impact of Smartwatches on the Swiss watch industry

What are some of the business threats facing the Swiss watch industry? According to the Deloitte Swiss Watch Industry 2015 report titled Uncertain times, the top risk factors will be: i. the strength of the Swiss franc; ii. weaker foreign demand; iii. weaker domestic demand; iv. the shortage of qualified labour; and v. smartwatches. The annual report, the fourth Deloitte … More