Buying a brand new BMW online in Singapore?

Buying brand new watches online from authorised dealers is nothing new these days, especially from established Singapore-based retailers such as Cortina Watch (via and Sincere Fine Watches (at The watches offered online range from a few hundred Singapore dollars right up to SGD136,000 for a Laurent Ferrier wristwatch listed on Making online purchases of BMW accessories and … More

Ball for BMW TimeTrekker: On the road of discovery

The Ball for BMW TimeTrekker is one of our favourite sports watches. As its name implies, this watch is co-branded with German automotive manufacturer BMW. What happens when the Ball for BMW TimeTrekker along with the Lego minifigure Extreme Daredevil 2 Dex-treme meet the BMW 225xe Active Tourer iPerformance? Do note that the BMW 225xe Active Tourer iPerformance is a … More

BMW 6 Series gets 5 stars

Did you know that the safety features and systems of passenger cars can be tested independently by the European New Car Assessment Programme or Euro NCAP? This testing programme is done for members of the Euro NCAP and the objective is to provide reliable safety information on new cars to the public. At least four cars of a specific model … More

Ball for BMW TimeTrekker: Blue or Black?

Between the blue and the black models, the Ball for BMW TimeTrekker with the blue dial stands out more and is easier to identify. This is especially so with its red accents: found on the 30, 45 and 60 numerals on the dial, the “200 metres” to indicate its water-resistance and most obviously, the red-tip sweep seconds hand. On the … More

The impact of Smartwatches on the Swiss watch industry

What are some of the business threats facing the Swiss watch industry? According to the Deloitte Swiss Watch Industry 2015 report titled Uncertain times, the top risk factors will be: i. the strength of the Swiss franc; ii. weaker foreign demand; iii. weaker domestic demand; iv. the shortage of qualified labour; and v. smartwatches. The annual report, the fourth Deloitte … More

Sports Watch: Ball for BMW TimeTrekker

The Ball for BMW timepieces are designed by Magali Métrailler (who was formerly a designer from Jaeger-LeCoultre). The one model we like in particular from this collection is the Ball for BMW TimeTrekker because of its details. For example, we particularly enjoy the hour index at 12 o’clock because of its pastel creamy beige colour which is different from the … More

Ball Watch for BMW: the BMW tii inspiration?

What will you observe on your Ball for BMW Classic model in total darkness? The answer is staring right at you in the image above, according to our “mole”. Released in 2012, the Ball for BMW collection, as its name implies, features the BMW logo on the dials. In the classic model, the BMW logo can be seen between the … More

Ball Watch: for BMW

Fans of Ball Watch and BMW can take delight in the Ball for BMW collection with its design inspirations coming from the luxury marque’s German automobiles while retaining the key characteristics of any Ball watch – robustness and high illumination in darkness. The design of the crown for example reminds one of the controller for BMW’s iDrive. In darkness, what … More