Rolex Oyster Perpetual GMT-Master II: with flying colours

The Rolex Oyster Perpetual GMT-Master with its iconic bezel in red and blue is back (Note: The original GMT-Master was launched in 1955). This time, the half-red, half-blue bezel on the 2014 GMT-Master II showcased at the 2014 BaselWorld watch fair is in Cerachrom. This 2014 GMT-Master II model features the second time zone display (with the 24-hour indication on … More

Boxy Brick Winders: Ticking Out of the Box

The fun in owning several single-unit type Boxy Brick Winders lies not just in having compact watch winders that are affordable but the choice of purchasing the quantity one requires and stacking these up just like a Lego brick structure. This explains the word “brick” found in this line of single-unit watch winders. The Boxy single brick winder features a … More

IWC Aquatimer Watches and the Sands of Time

The Aquatimer collection is IWC’s main highlight for 2014 and the new models were launched at the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie held in January in Geneva, Switzerland. The first IWC Aquatimer was introduced in 1967 and the name of the collection is derived by combining the words aqua for water and timer for timing. Interestingly, sand is not … More

Oris Calibre 110: One Hundred and Ten

In 1904, Paul Cattin and Georges Christian, watchmakers from Le Locle, acquired a former watch factory in Hölstein located in the north-western part of Switzerland. Their objective was to create their own timepieces and the brand name they chose was Oris. Oris is a name derived from a brook found in a valley close to Hölstein. The etymological roots of … More

SevenFriday on Friday the Seventh

SevenFriday is one watch brand to watch, literally. The general response to its timepieces has generally been positive and the emotions evoked through either the visuals or physical handling of its timepieces have become an interesting phenomenon worthy of attention, especially for marketers. In our earlier article featuring the SevenFriday P1/3, Seven dazed, not one weak, we highlighted the key … More

Edox Grand Ocean and the Extreme Sailing Series

The first race of the Extreme Sailing Series kicked off in February 2014 at Singapore’s Marina Bay area. Known as Act 1, it was held over three days and Ernesto Bertarelli’s Alinghi Swiss team finally claimed victory. It is estimated that this event attracted around 30,000 spectators. The Extreme Sailing Series started in 2007 and it was only in 2013 … More