Yusheng Escape at The Sanchaya

Yusheng is a traditional Chinese New Year salad dish comprising raw fish and vegetables. Photo: The Sanchaya.

During this coming Chinese Lunar New Year, for many Chinese, there may be no escaping the traditional Chinese Lunar New Year dish known as yusheng – a salad dish with raw fish and vegetables.

Now, another way to enjoy yusheng is while on an escape, a getaway on an island resort. For example, The Sanchaya luxury resort that is located in Lagoi Bay on Bintan island, Indonesia which offers this dish and even a Chinese New Year menu that includes highlights such as grilled lobster with sautéed kalian and seafood fried rice with X.O. sauce.

The Sanchaya luxury resort on Bintan island is located at Lagoi Bay. Photo: Sanchaya.

Based on tradition, yusheng is eaten on the seventh day of the Lunar New Year. However, this dish has since been commercialised and is eaten not only throughout the 15 days of festivities, but also before. This salad dish is typically tossed about by diners as it is a symbolic way to welcome prosperity.

The Chinese Lunar Year begins during the New Moon phase on 25 January 2020 and ends 15 days later on 8 February 2020 during the Full Moon phase.