Grand Seiko Ninja Spring Drive: Springing a Ninja Surprise

Source: Grand Seiko Japan YouTube channel The Grand Seiko “Ninja” Spring Drive, as seen in the video above and image below, is specially designed for ninjas, features a watchcase like no other, having been inspired by the shuriken, a concealed weapon that only makes its appearance when it is thrown at the enemy. For this Grand Seiko Ninja, the shuriken … More

Grand Seiko Hi-Beat 36000 Limited Edition SBGJ227 “Peacock”: An “Emotional Support Peacock” that can fly with you

The majestic grandeur of the peacock is apparent with its train or tail in iridescent green, blue and bronze. The ovular markings on its tails are said to symbolize the eyes of the stars. The peacock is even said to symbolize immortality. Regardless, the beauty of the peacock, especially once its extravagant plumage is exposed, is universally acknowledged. Such beauty … More

Grand Seiko 55th Anniversary Spring Drive Chronograph Limited Edition SBGC013: The essentials of watchmaking

The first Grand Seiko made its debut in 1960 and since its birth fifty-five years ago, the brand has remains true to what it terms the essentials of watchmaking: precision, durability, legibility and beauty. These are what Shinji Hattori, president and CEO of Seiko Watch Corporation deems as the essential elements of a watch. For 2015, one anniversary timepiece commemorating … More

Grand Seiko SBGR095, the re-make of the 62GS: Four for Melodrama

For 2015, one highly collectible Grand Seiko piece is the re-make of the 62GS which was first introduced in 1967. The new family member to the Grand Seiko Historical Collection is what the brand terms the “reborn 62GS” because it is “… as faithful to its original as possible,” says Yukinori Kato of Seiko Watch Corporation. Three versions are available: … More

Grand Seiko SBGA109 Spring Drive in titanium – 10th Anniversary Limited Edition: Spot the lion and the differences

Among the limited editions launched by Seiko to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Spring Drive will be the Grand Seiko SBGA111 Spring Drive in stainless steel and the SBGA109 Spring Drive in titanium. Like the SBGA111, the Grand Seiko SBGA109 Spring Drive in titanium shown above is equipped with the Calibre 9R15 Spring Drive movement which has 72 hours … More

Grand Seiko SBGA111 Spring Drive 10th Anniversary Limited Edition in stainless steel: Celebrating Spring

When Seiko’s Spring Drive was first launched at the 2005 BaselWorld watch fair, it was hailed as the brand’s most important movement after the famed Astron quartz watch of 1969. While timing in a mechanical watch is regulated by the escapement, this is not the case for Seiko’s Spring Drive. There is no escapement in the Spring Drive; rather timing … More