Azimuth SP-1 Crazy Rider: Crazily Creative

While there are some who describe Azimuth’s SP-1 Crazy Rider as a “crazy” watch, it is a classification the brand duly acknowledges as it is named the “Crazy Rider”. For us, it is what we would rather term a highly creative timepiece. The SP-1 Crazy Rider is a high visual impact watch – one look and you’d know that it … More

Omega Speedmaster “Speedy Tuesday”: The need for speed

On Tuesday, 10 January 2017, Omega offered an online sale of its Speedmaster “Speedy Tuesday”. Now what is the big deal when there are already people buying and selling Omega watches online? Well, this is the very first Omega watch to be offered online directly from the brand (at It is a form of expanding the reach from Omega’s … More

Vacheron Constantin Overseas ultra-thin perpetual calendar: Mechanically Smart

There is no denying that watch connoisseurs will also appreciate the offerings of electronic smartwatches available now and the foreseeable future. After all, these very same people will perhaps want to be among the first to experience the smartcars of the future, as technology is already making these available at our doorsteps. Moreover, communicating with these smartcars remotely will mean … More