Tudor Boutique in Chinatown – KHH

Source: TimeWerke Videos on YouTube Shoppers and tourists may have different reasons for heading down to the People’s Park Complex, a shopping mall located in Singapore’s Chinatown. For example, those looking out for jewellery may wish to discover the offerings of the jewellers while watch collectors may choose to visit the watch shops and second-hand dealers to sniff out some … More

David Beckham freedives – Adventures with Tudor

Watch how Tudor ambassador David Beckham overcame his initial fears and freedived in the sea under the guidance of world champion freediver Morgan Bourc’his. “When you inhale, try to put your belly in front of you. When you exhale, try to contract your abdominal,” Bourc’his tells Beckham. In September 2014, Bourc’his secured the world champion title when he freedived 87 … More

Watch Brands and the World’s Most Admired Man and Woman

Who are the people in the world you most admire? Perhaps it is one or both of your parents and/or your spouse? Well, based on the answers of more than 37,000 people from 35 countries surveyed by YouGov, an international market research agency, Microsoft Corporation founder Bill Gates and Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie are the world’s most admired man and … More

Jay Chou 周杰伦 : What’s a Secret and What’s Not

First, what’s not a secret? Well, fans of Tudor would probably know by now that popular Taiwanese singer, songwriter and musician Jay Chou (周杰伦) was in March 2018 appointed as the brand’s ambassador and their “Born to Dare” campaign ambassador. It is logical to conclude that the appointment is a strong signal of the brand’s intention to deepen its penetration … More

Tudor Heritage Ranger: Reliving the spirit of the past

While it is deeply inspired by a historic model, the Oyster Prince Ranger of 1967, the brand states that the 2014 Heritage Ranger is “far from being a mere re-edition”. From what we were told, the brand doesn’t create “replicas”; rather it is about appreciating the spirit of the old, re-interpreting it and completely reworking it. The Tudor Heritage Ranger … More