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Shoppers and tourists may have different reasons for heading down to the People’s Park Complex, a shopping mall located in Singapore’s Chinatown. For example, those looking out for jewellery may wish to discover the offerings of the jewellers while watch collectors may choose to visit the watch shops and second-hand dealers to sniff out some deals.

While People’s Park Complex is certainly a different shopping environment as compared to Singapore’s newer and more modern shopping malls, especially those along Orchard Road, it does have some “gems” if we may say so. Among them, the Rolex the Tudor boutiques operated by retailer Kee Hing Hung (KHH).

When the 31-storey building was completed in 1973, People’s Park Complex was the largest shopping mall in Singapore. Located along Eu Tong Sen Street and New Bridge Road, People’s Park Complex was the go-to place back in those days.

Interestingly, Kee Hing Hung had an earlier start as this retailer was already operating its shop at People’s Park Complex in 1970. That is because the development of six-storeys of shops and offices was completed in October 1970. The 25-storey residential block was completed in June 1973.

Yes, the shopping complex still retains its old-world charm and we believe that it is wrong to say it is dated. The modern Rolex Boutique is a good example. What is even newer is the recently refurbished Tudor Boutique operated by Kee Hing Hung that was officially opened on 28 June 2019.

From what we understand, on opening day, it became the newest Tudor Boutique featuring the brand’s latest furnishings and colours, not to mention the 2019 novelties. What’s more, Kee Hing Hung stakes its claim as being the first Tudor Boutique in Asia to feature a new look for the brand’s shops.

When we visited the Tudor Boutique in Chinatown, we were first greeted outside by the ever-popular Taiwanese singer and actor Jay Chou. Well, the image of the brand ambassador to be more precise. Tudor’s friendly boutique manager, Janet Loke, subsequently welcomed us into the shop, throwing up a feast for our eyes with fully-stocked displays.

To our delight, we also spotted some vintage Tudor watches on display, personal items belonging to Kee Hing Hung’s majority shareholder Max How. We recommend viewing these historical pieces as they have become very iconic over the past few years and command high prices in the secondary markets.

Stocks of the 2019 Black Bay Bronze in particular was one of the first models to be depleted on opening day alongside many new models. Be prepared to be wait-listed and we recommend making a wish-list should you decide to make a visit.

Among other things, this spanking new boutique features flooring and chairs made from the same material and in our opinion, more vibrant use of the brand’s red, black and white colours. There is even a Tudor Black Bay wall clock, cleverly flushed into a wooden wall panelling that makes it appear slimmer.

Kee Hing Hung first retailed Tudor watches back in 2003. The Tudor area used to be a shop-in-shop, that is, having its displays in the Rolex Boutique, before Kee Hing Hung took back an adjacent corner shop unit and transformed it into a mono-brand Tudor store.

“We have committed significant investments into the two brands we carry and strongly believe in. Every major city in the world has a Chinatown worth visiting and Singapore is no exception. I am extremely proud to be the first to showcase the new Tudor boutique look here in Asia,” says Max How.

Well, that actually ties in very well with the history of the shopping mall. Did you know that when it opened in the early 1970s, People’s Park Complex was also the first shopping complex with an atrium in Singapore and perhaps the region?

The Kee Hing Hung Tudor boutique is located at:
#02-20 People’s Park Complex
1 Park Road
Singapore 059108
Tel: +65 6223 5151

For more information and updates, we recommend visiting Kee Hing Hung’s FaceBook page.