SwissKubik Travelbox – world’s first travel watchwinder?

The SwissKubik Travelbox stores your watch and doubles up as a watch winder as well. Photo: SwissKubik.

The SwissKubik Travelbox, the result of two years of research and development, stakes its claim as the “first rotating travel case” mechanical watches.

In the closed position, it protects your watch. When opened, it can be transformed into a watchwinder as seen in the video. Measuring 20cm by 7cm by 11.5cm and weighing in at 500 grams, it has a “one-year autonomy” with its rechargeable battery.

Source: TimeWerke Videos on YouTube.

It can be charged from a main power supply as well and it is programmable via its “Bluetooth application or USB socket”.

For those unfamilair with the brand, SwissKubik is essentially specialising in watchwinders. Approximately 15,000 watchwinders are produced annually. Its products are distributed in more than 50 countries via a network of 450 retailers.

The SwissKubik Travelbox in watchwinder mode. Photo: SwissKubik.

Founded by watch designer Philippe Subilia in 2007, SwissKubik lays its claim of producing 100% Swiss made watchwinders where the current generation (as at the time of writing) features “ultra-quiet, non-magnetic, programmable and an autonomy of three years because of low power consumption”.

In February 2017, SwussKubik was acquired by Xavier Castelli. A few months later, the Scatola del Tempo watchwinder brand was also bought by him.