The Gentleman’s Way, Chopard Style

Source: TimeWerke Videos on YouTube

There isn’t a need to argue with those who insist that a wristwatch isn’t a necessity because of the smartphone. Just explain to them that apart from its practical time-telling function, a wristwatch is, in a sense, another form of personal expression.

“Watches make a statement similar to that made by the wearing of a fine pair of shoes. A watch speaks volumes about the wearer and, in common with shoes, a good watch shouts taste and class,” explains Nicholas Clayton in his book, “A Butler’s Guide to Gentlemen’s Grooming”.

Clayton is a highly experienced butler and is a member of the Guild of Professional English Butlers.

Speaking about taste and class, Chopard’s higher-end L.U.C collection comes to mind. Why? These are timepieces equipped with the Maison’s in-house Manufacture movements which have a certain level of sophistication in terms of technique and aesthetics.

Though these are “serious” watches, the brand has taken a light-hearted approach to this collection with their “Gentleman’s Way” of short videos that highlight the L.U.C watches with “wit and delectation [pleasure and delight]”.

Chopard’s “Gentleman’s Way” of short videos celebrate the distinctive style of the brand’s L.U.C Collection with a touch of humour. Photo: Courtesy of Chopard.

It was a joy to view these short witty videos. We particularly enjoyed #14 Don’t raise your voice, improve your argument and #16 Accept when you’re in need of help.

Do watch #18 Never complain, never explain. Our take on #18 is a wristwatch still expresses one’s style, even in the buff.

The “Gentleman’s Way” videos are a celebration of Chopard’s L.U.C collection celebrated with a distinctive style and a touch of humour, what the brand views as “… a tribute to good manners… with a twist.”

We truly hope these short clips for your delectation will make an impression.