Porsche Cayenne: The Third Generation

Emcee Bobby Tonelli presenting the Porsche Turbo which was officially launched in Singapore on 28 March 2018. Photo: © Porsche.

The third generation Porsche Cayenne Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) was officially launched in Singapore on 28 March 2018.

The third generation Porsche Cayenne made its debut on 29 August 2017 in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen.

First produced by the German manufacturer in 2002, the Cayenne has proven its worth in the luxury SUV segment as more than 760,000 units have been sold worldwide since its launch.

The first Porsche Cayenne SUV was introduced in Singapore in 2003 and has become a bestseller for Porsche Centre Singapore.

From what we understand, Porsche currently produces around 272,000 vehicles a year and some 52% of these are SUVs. This means that the Cayenne SUV accounts for the majority of Porsche’s production volume.

According to Francis Lee, managing director of Porsche Centre Singapore, when he first became involved with the brand 17 years ago, Porsche had an annual production volume of 28,000 units. This represents a remarkable growth for this German marque.

Three models are now available for the Singapore market: the V6 Turbo, V6 Twin-turbo and V8 twin-turbo.

The Cayenne Turbo with 550hp (404 kW) has a new 4.0-litre V8 bi-turbo engine with 770 Nm of torque and its 8-speed Tiptronic S gearbox (with the Sport Chrono package) achieves the century sprint in 3.9 seconds with its top speed of 286 km per hour.

The video below explains the design elements of Porsche’s third generation Cayenne.

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CLVII skull watch: Highly original skull watch design

The CLVII skull watch is equipped with a Seiko automatic movement and features articulated lugs which means that the timepiece, albeit thick, will be able to fit all wrist sizes. Photo: © TANG Portfolio/TimeWerke.

CLVII’s first timepiece equipped with a Seiko automatic movement featuring its distinctive skull sporting sunglasses is one cool-looking watch.

Based on the measurements we took, the CLVII comes in a 51mm by 37.5mm case and has the thickness of 18.5mm. The case is large but with movable lugs, the CLVII skull watch is able to fit on nicely on small wrists albeit with a thick case.

The articulated lugs feature is good simply because it allows for a good fit on various wrist sizes.

To read the time, look at the Arabic numerals seen through the aperture on the skull’s forehead. There are two rotating discs, the larger Arabic numeral at the top is for the hour while the lower one is for the minutes.

The red triangular marker at 12 o’clock is the reference. When the “60” numeral is aligned with the hour numeral, for example 10, it means that it is 10 o’clock.

The CLVII skull watch is offered in either a black PVD case, brushed steel case or an antique / aged version.

We particularly like the version with an aged and heavily patinated skull case. Even the buckle is deliberately aged.

The CLVII skull watch comes with a nice leather strap including a wrist pad which complement its overall design and look. The watch is stored in a cool plastic case that can be a display item on one’s shelf.

For us, the skull watch is about the Latin phrase memento mori, to “remember life” and the comic book character “Punisher” who, in the words of the late “American Sniper” Chris Kyle explains, “rights wrongs”.

CLVII Skull watch
Technical specifications:
• Seiko automatic movement
• 24 jewels
• Time indicated by 2 discs: the hour and minutes
• Movable lugs
• Case dimensions: 51mm by 37.5mm by 18.5mm in 316L stainless steel
• Water-resistant to 30m
Presented with a plastic skull case

To find out how the brand came about, we recommend reading: CLVII: A Number or a Brand?

Or watch our video on the CLVII skull watch:

Source: TimeWerke Videos