Casio G-Shock MRG sneak peek: The MRG inspired by a black dragon

Video: TimeWerke Videos on YouTube

The MRG-G2000HT “Kasumi Tsuchime” was launched in Singapore on 21 September 2017 at the Taku “Sushi & Wagyu & Craft Bar”.

Where there any other special Casio G-Shock MRG timepieces exhibited? Yes, there were. There was this sneak peek into a Casio G-Shock MRG (in video above and image below) that will only available in November 2017 and its price is “to be confirmed”.

This Casio G-Shock MRG, inspired by the black dragon, will be made available in November 2017.. Photo: © TANG Portfolio/TimeWerke

This particular Casio MRG features a bezel decorated with the “tsuiki hammertone” technique performed by Japanese master craftsman Bihou Asano.

Observe carefully, unlike the MRG-G2000HT, only the bezel is decorated and not the centre links of its bracelet.

While the MRG-G2000HT is said to be inspired by the Japanese cloud dragon, this one is inspired by the black dragon.