Chopard Alpine Eagle

Source: TimeWerke Videos on YouTube.

Chopard’s promotional video for its Alpine Eagle, launched in late 2019, shows its design inspirations. This includes the crown featuring the compass rose. In addition, the “rock-like textured dial” that is inspired by the iris of the eagle, the hands by the feathers and the “cold glinting” steel used symbolises the glaciers.

Speaking of which the case is made of Lucent A223 steel the brand explains has properties comparable to surgical steel which makes it “highly dermo-compatible”. The 223 Vickers strength of the alloy makes it 50% more resistant to abrasions than conventional steel and its homogeneous crystal structure with fewer impurities allows it to reflect light uniquely, resulting in brilliance and brightness comparable to that of gold.

Chopard’s St Moritz introduced in 1980 was the creation of Karl-Friedrich Scheufele. Photo: Chopard.

Most importantly, the idea for the Alpine Eagle is drawn from the Chopard St Moritz wristwatch that was introduced in 1980 and the gentleman behind its creation was none other than Karl-Friedrich Scheufele, co-president of Chopard.

Almost forty years later, history repeated itself as his son, Karl-Fritz Scheufele, was the driving force behind the Chopard Alpine Eagle which takes key design elements from the St Moritz.

Chopard’s 2019 Alpine Eagle collection is offered in two sizes: in a 41mm case equipped with the Chopard Calibre 01.01-C automatic movement and in a 36mm case with the Calibre 09.01-C automatic movement.

Karl-Friedrich Scheufele is a founding member of the Eagle Wings Foundation, an environmental project that seeks to raise the awareness of the importance, beauty and fragility of Alpine biotopes.