Patek Philippe Watch Art Grand Exhibition Highlights

Source: TimeWerke Videos on YouTube.

The Patek Philippe Watch Art Grand Exhibition held at the Sands Theatre in Marina Bay Sands Singapore (from 28 September 2019 to 13 October 2019), the fifth in the series, is by far the largest by the brand and the longest running, spanning 16 days. This is an exhibition for watch enthusiasts and fans of the brand that should not be missed. [Recommended: Five reasons to visit the Patek Philippe Watch Art Grand exhibition on]

Interestingly, the exhibition is staged in the Sands Theatre that has been remodelled. Now there is still a theatre, albeit a mini one built specially for the event and it is found in a small room just before one enters the main exhibition hall. The movies screened here give good insights into the history of Patek Philippe and is highly recommended for those who wish to know more about one of the most prestigious Swiss watch brand in the world.

The Current Collection Room is the first area one will enter and this is the opportunity to view many of Patek Philippe’s existing production pieces, notably the highly sought-after Nautilus timepieces. This is where one will also get a first glimpse of the Singapore 2019 Special Editions launched for this exhibition.

The Napoleon Room sets the mood as it “transports” those in the room to Geneva, notably the Patek Philippe Salon on Rue du Rhône as a large screen gives the impression that one is overlooking Lake Geneva with the famous Jet d’Eau on the far right.

This section also offers those interested in the Singapore 2019 Special Editions to get a closer view of these pieces, notably the Ref. 5930 World Time Chronograph, Ref. 5167 Aquanaut, Ref. 5067 Aquanaut Luce and Ref. 7234 Calatrava Pilot Travel Time.

Next up is the Museum Room where one gets a better glimpse into early watchmaking history, way before Patek Philippe came into existence, with pieces dating back to around the mid 16th century.

These are specially curated pieces from the Patek Philippe Museum in Geneva and include the “Compass Rose” made in 1548 in Nuremberg, Germany. Be awed by the decorations adorning timepieces back in those ancient times. Of interest may be the two pendant watches that were owned by Queen Victoria of England.

Don’t miss out on two extremely important Patek Philippe pocket watches – the Star Calibre 2000 and the Calibre 89 with 33 complications.

Next up is the Rare Handcrafts room where age-old craftsmanship comes to life where many pieces are decorated with specialised skills such as enamelling, engraving, guillochage and marquetry. If you have the opportunity to watch demonstrations by the artisans from Europe, do ask questions especially how long they have been performing the craft. Their handiwork, mostly one-of-a-kind pieces, will probably be on display as well. It is here that one also get a better understanding and appreciation of Patek Philippe’s famed dome clocks.

For those keen on the “engines” of Patek Philippe watches, the Movement Room is where one can get up close to the many different calibres made by Patek Philippe.

At the Grand Complications Room, the main highlights will be the Ref. 5303 Minute Repeater Tourbillon and the Ref. 5531 World Time Repeater, the two remaining Singapore 2019 Special Edition pieces. Other highlights include highly complicated watches like the Ref. 6300 Grandmaster Chime and the Ref. 6002 Sky Moon Tourbillon.

The Singapore 2019 Special Editions:

Patek Philippe Ref. 5303R-010 Minute Repeater Tourbillon
Limited to 12 pieces
Priced at CHF590,000

Patek Philippe Ref. 5531R-010 World Time Minute Repeater
Limited to 5 pieces
Priced at 540,000

Patek Philippe Ref. 5930G-011 World Time Chronograph
Limited to 300 pieces
Priced at CHF71,400 / SGD106,700

Patek Philippe Ref. 5167A-012 Aquanaut
Limited to 500 pieces
Priced at CHF22,400 / SGD33,500

Patek Philippe Ref. 5067A-027 Aquanaut Luce
Limited to 300 pieces
Priced at CHF19,900 / SGD29,800

Patek Philippe Ref. 7234A-001 Calatrava Pilot Travel Time
Limited to 400 pieces
Priced at CHF34,000 / SGD50,800

The Watchmakers Room is where one is offered the opportunity to attain enlightenment, literally. It is here where Patek Philippe’s watchmakers are on hand to explain how their annual calendar and perpetual calendar watches work. There is even a watch restorer who explains how a minute repeater works. It is also yet another opportunity to ask technical questions about watches. This is indeed a treat.

The Patek Philippe Watch Art Grand Exhibition is highly recommended and well worth a visit.