Casio G-Shock: Game Changers

Source: TimeWerke Videos on YouTube

Currently residing in Warsaw, Poland, professional beatboxer Dharni Ng is known as one of best in the world. Beatboxing is a form of vocal percussion and involves the use of one’s mouth, tongue, lips and voice to mimic the drum and other musical instruments. He became the first person ever to win The Grand Beatbox Battle Championship twice consecutively in 2013 and 2014.

Born in Singapore, Dharni Ng is one of the personalities that is part of Casio Singapore’s 2019 G-Shock “Game Changer” campaign. A total of 27 locals, all of whom faced off multiple challenges to make a name for themselves, were selected for Casio G-Shock’s “Game Changer” campaign.

The other Singaporean “Game Changer” personalities are professional footballer Christopher James van Huizen, fashion creative Valerie Wang and artist Jahan Loh.

Christopher James van Huizen is a midfielder playing for Geylang International FC and he was a team member of the 2015 Malaysia Super League season.

Valerie Wang is a fashion creative as well as a lifestyle and travel blogger. Jahan Loh is a contemporary artist.

How does this “Game Changer” link back to Casio G-Shock? Well, the Casio G-Shocks of 1983 was a game changer in its own right to become the world’s toughest and most extreme watch.

“Personally this campaign is very close to my heart. I was galvanised into a movement when Kikuo Ibe who is fondly known as the father of G-Shock shared his personal adage of never giving up when I first joined the brand.

“His maxim speaks right to my heart where I know many of us are struggling and fighting our own battles to create the toughest watch in the world. That was a major feat in those days and the main thing here is: he believed in himself…. We are all game changers, no matter how big or small our achievements are,” says Yvonne Perpetua Ng, senior regional marketing manger, Casio Singapore.

The Casio G-Shock “Game Changer” campaign is therefore the brand’s way of celebrating your very own game changing moments.