Seiko Presage with Senbei 煎餅 rice crackers dial : Totally refreshing.

Source: Seiko Watch Global on YouTube

In recent times, watch dials have been made from textile materials, Formula One cars and even Second World War fighter planes.

But have you heard of one made from food? To be more precise, it is a Japanese snack known as Senbei 煎餅. Yes, Seiko has announced three new Presage models with dials made with Senbei.

Senbei refers to Japanese rice crackers and these are presented in different sizes, shapes and flavours. Japanese rice crackers are typically served to visitors as refreshments and these are served together with green tea.

Seiko’s Presage line already has dials made of porcelain, “shippo” enamel and “urushi” lacquer so it doesn’t come as a surprise to have one made of Senbei. Or does it?

According to Seiko, the challenge was to find the perfect dial colour which in reality would depend on the mix between the soy sauce and rice. Three Presage models resulted: the Soy Sauce model, the Sesame model and the Crystal Sugar model.

That’s not all. The Roman numerals are made of finely-cut “nori” or seaweed. Even more surprising is that the Seiko Presage model has already secured the 2019 “Best Watch with Japanese Tea” Gold Award and the Top Prize for the 2019 “Soy Sauce Watch Competition”.

Now if the Seiko Presage Senbei models didn’t crack you up, well, lighten up and do note that today is 1 April 2019 or April Fool’s Day. The Seiko X Senbei dial is obviously not to be. Now how about that for a refreshing joke?