For Diehard Fans of Lamborghini

Source: TimeWerke Videos on YouTube, Video: Automobili Lamborghini

Can you spot a diehard Lamborghini fan? Better yet, will you be able to identify a hardcore fan of Lamborghini in a toy shop?

Well, one particular toy shop did just that. Watch what happens to the young Lamborghini fan who was staunch in his car preference in this video that has a Christmas feel to it.

Speaking of Christmas, did you know that Christmas doesn’t end at midnight on 25 December?

Christmas extends into the following year because there are 12 days of festive celebrations. The first of the 12 days of Christmas begins on 25 December and therefore ends on 5 January the following year.

The first day on 25 December celebrates the birth of Jesus. Each of the following eleven days is traditionally meant for celebrating a feast for a saint.

The twelfth day of Christmas or 5 January is also known as Epiphany Eve, as highlighted on which adds that it is a day that celebrates 19th century Bishop St. John Neumann, the first bishop in America.

What can we say about what was received by the young fan who has a real love for the Italian car manufacturer based in Sant’Agata Bolognese?

Well, similar to the famous Christmas carol “The Twelve Days of Christmas”, his ultimate present was “sent” by his “true love”.

The moral of the story: Lamborghini is for real lovers of this Italian marque.