Bell & Ross BR01 Airborne and Burning Skull: Dance of Luminescence

Ever wondered how the BR01 Airborne, Skull and / or Burning Skull appeared in darkness with their respective luminescence?

Well, we did and that is why we created a special “dance” video (above) to show how the SuperLuminova on either the Airborne, Skull or Burning Skull looked like in the dark. Hence, the video’s name: “Dance of Luminescence”.

The entire skull on either the BR01 Airborne or Skull will light up in darkness, after having been adequately charged.

For the BR01 Burning Skull, the areas in its eyes, nose and mouth light up, forming a skull silhouette.

Both the BR01 Airborne for Indonesia (limited to 50 pieces) and the BR01 Burning Skull (limited to 500 pieces) were filmed in their full glory with their SuperLuminova charged.

No “stunt doubles” were used. We are unable to confirm if any of the two Bell & Ross BR01 watches used for the dance was hurt during the head skull-banging “high five” moves in the production of this video.