A. Lange & Söhne Lange 1 Moon Phase: A different face

Video: TimeWerke Videos on YouTube

One glance and perhaps one will not spot anything out of the ordinary with the 2017 Lange 1 Moon Phase.

Apart from the characteristic Lange outsize date, what else is there in addition to the power reserve indicator and the moon phase display?

Well, did you manage to spot the day and night indicator?

The 2017 Lange 1 Moon Phase in white gold from A. Lange & Söhne. In addition to the moon phase display, there is now the day and night indicator. Photo: © TANG Portfolio/TimeWerke.

Yes, the 2017 Lange 1 Moon Phase does feature the day and night display too. It is actually cleverly “integrated” with the moon phase display.

Confused? Well, in traditional moon phase indications, a single rotating disc featuring two moons is used.

For the 2017 Lange 1 Moon Phase, a separate “cut-out” of two moons is used and it orbits on its own.

Behind the “cut-out” double moon is a celestial disc that makes one revolution every 24 hours. This is therefore the day and night display disc. Both the “cut-out” double moon and celestial disc are made of gold.

During the day, one will see a bright blue sky without stars and at night, there is a dark sky with laser-cut stars.

As such, the moon is always set against a realistic background; which is either day or night.

Do watch our video at the start of the article. Hopefully, our use of the mooncake box from Lange will better explain the day and night display where the traditional moon phase indicator is located.

More information and technical specifications of the Lange 1 can be found in the article: A. Lange & Söhne: Lange 1 Moon Phase.