Sauber F1 driver Marcus Ericsson’s interview with three young kart-racers

Video: TANG Portfolio/TimeWerke at TimeWerke Videos on YouTube

It was an offer not to be refused. When Edox Singapore and the exclusive distributor for Edox watches in Singapore and Malaysia, Crystal Time, offered three young kart racers the chance to interview Sauber F1 driver Marcus Ericsson, none declined for obvious reasons.

Ericsson was in Singapore in mid-September 2017 for the Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix Night Race. A few days before the race, Edox Singapore hosted a meet-and-greet session for three young gentlemen who are also kart racers.

The young trio, aged between eight and twelve, met up with Ericsson at the Pan Pacific Singapore Hotel and each had a chance to interview him.

From left-to-right: Kalen Chin, Marcus Ericsson, Tiziano Monza & Danial Hakimi at the Pan Pacific Singapore Hotel. Photo: © TANG Portfolio/TimeWerke.

Eight-year-old Tiziano Monza discovered through his questions that Ericsson began kart racing in Sweden when he was nine years old. Interestingly, Tiziano is ahead of Ericsson in terms of kart racing as this youngster, who has dreams of becoming an F1 racer, began when he was just four-and-a-half years old (or half the age of Ericsson who began kart racing when he was nine).

According to a 2015 ChannelNewsAsia news report, Tiziano, who was then aged six (in 2015), was issued his driver’s licence from the Singapore Motor Sports Association, joining the 189 licenced karters in Singapore. From what we understand, Tiziano has realised 19 podium finishes in his first 20 months of international racing.

Twelve-year-old Danial Hakimi, who began karting when he was ten, learnt that Formula One racing legend Michael Schumacher was Ericsson’s main inspiration. Ericsson also shared that to overcome setbacks, one has to remain strong and to believe in one’s self.

Eleven-year-old Kalen Chin started karting when he was four-years-old and began racing when he was seven. Ericsson revealed to him that racing was more than just driving the car, it was also about teamwork, car development and multiple set-ups in the different cities the Formula One teams raced in.

Kalen, who races in the Rok Cup Series Singapore, is also qualified to race in the Rok Cup International race held in Italy. Responding to Kalen’s question on racing technique, Ericsson’s advice was to brake early when taking on corners.

Interestingly, Kalen, shared with (or was it “taught”?) Ericsson that one strategy he adopted when taking on corners was to brake late, brake hard and accelerate out early. This racing technique propelled him from 20th position to sixth spot.

The video of this can be found on YouTube at TimeWerke Videos or read on in the article: “Braking News: did an 11-year-old give racing tip to 27-year-old F1 driver Marcus Ericsson?”

For those interested, Kalen’s race where he charged ahead, especially during corners to finally take sixth place from twentieth, can be viewed in the video below:

Source: 0b1i0 on YouTube

Leapfrogging from the rear to the front is not unachievable. At the 2015 F1 race in Monza, Italy, Ferrari’s Formula One driver Kimi Raikkonen had at one stage fallen back to last place but he charged on to take fifth spot.

Tackling the corners is an important aspect in Formula One driving. During the opening lap of the Singapore Grand Prix Night Race in September 2017, a collision at Turn 1 during the first lap resulted in the exit of the top drivers of the race Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari), Max Verstappen (Red Bull Racing) and Kimi Raikkonen (Ferrari).

Unfortunately, Ericsson did not finish the 2017 Singapore Grand Prix Night Race as he retired during the 36th lap. A total of eight F1 drivers retired during the Singapore Grand Prix which meant only 12 finished the race.

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